Computer techology consultant

Staying on top of IT…

We stay on top of IT, so you can stay on top of your business

Why us ?
Q-Techservices, only aim is to provide proactive enterprise class IT support to small to medium sized business, we understand your business takes priority and IT should just work.

Security Consultancy and Monitoring
We are in a position to secure your business and keep eyes on the ground when it comes to network security, be it a complete security checkup or continual monitoring of strategic services.

ICT Consultancy and Technical Support
We can provide an array of both technical and business services on a consultancy basis. This is based on many years being at the forefront of hi-tech business.

Hosted managed or non-managed services, makes no difference if its a webserver or an email server, we are well versed in providing top notch hosted business services.

Cloud and Saas
Fully utilising Cloud technology when and where it benefits your business and not just to make a quick buck on a buzzword, we can provide complete or partial cloud services (hybrid) or indeed just services as a service.